Q: What type of photography do you do?

I would describe the type of photography that I do, whether in the studio or on location, as a combination of fashion editorial with portraiture techniques to create Fresh, Modern & Fun images. I like to let my photos speak for themselves. Since you found these questions I am assuming they did just that and you like them as much as I do.

Q: How do I pick between having studio and location portraits?

Both types have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Of course, being located along North Carolina’s Crystal Coast, beach photo sessions are very popular. Studio sessions allow the photographer complete control the weather, lighting and you get a choice of backdrops and sets. Since lighting plays a huge part in photography, (it is used to set the mood and style of the portrait) studio portraits can be anywhere from soft to edgy. Location sessions are great for large groups, (since the space if virtually unlimited), or if you want to use a substantial prop, (such as a motorcycle or car). Most visitors want to make them jealous back home and what better way than a portrait of a romantic stroll at sunset on the beach. So consider what kind of portrait you want before choosing.

Q: What type of equipment do you use?

I use all state of the art digital cameras and equipment, including a professional portable light system. This equipment virtually allows me to take studio quality portraits at any location.

Q: Where is your studio?

My studio is located at 226 Chatham St. Newport, North Carolina.

Q: Where do you take location portraits?

Anywhere and everywhere. The beach is by far the most popular location. One of the best local beaches for photography is at Fort Macon State Park, Atlantic Beach North Carolina. You get several backgrounds within walking distance of each other. The Fort has many features including mood lighting, a variety of textured backdrops and multi-levels. The beach at the park is pristine, so you do not get any houses or other distractions to take away from the feel of the ocean. I will come to you, so anywhere from Emerald Isle to Harkers Island from Beaufort to Havelock, if you know where you want to go, I will meet you there.

Q: Can I tell the photographer what I like or want?

Absolutely! I pride myself on my ability to listen to what you envision and then recreate those images on paper. I want your portraits to represent the real you. By telling the photographer what you like about yourself, (examples: your hair, muscles or a tatoo), he will try to highlight those features or items, (having you flip or play with your hair, flex your muscles, or spotlight your tatoo), etc. The same goes for anything you would rather not highlight. If you contacted the studio ahead of time, you might have received a questionnaire, if so please fill it out and bring it with you.

Q: What kind of clothes should I wear?

Fashion play a huge part in who you are, no matter what your gender is. Most photo sessions allot approx. one hour shooting time, take this into account when deciding if you need more that one outfit. Jackets or layering is an easy way to accomplish different looks without much fuss. If your portrait session is for more than just you, coordinate your outfits so that they compliment each other, this does not mean they have to be identical, you just do not want them to clash, (or maybe you do). For beach portraits “casual” is the look most folks want. Soft pastels and/or earth tones are usually be best colors for seaside portriats. Whether in the studio or on the beach, “busy” patterns and “loud” colors are usually best avoided.

Q: Can I bring anything with me to my photo shoot?

You are encouraged to bring any item(s) that revel or support the real you. A prop can be as simple as an heirloom necklace to as extravagant as a motorcycle. Examples: If you are a musician, bring your instrument(s) or if you are an athlete, bring something that represents your sport(s).If you are an artist, bring a sample of your work or even something as simple as a paint brush. If your child has a favorite toy, bring it with you, it might help to keep them smiling. Of course for a “traditional” Cyrstal Coast beach portrait of your child a sand bucket and shovel, “boogie board” or large seashell all make great photo props.

Q: Do you take H.S. Senior / Graduation portraits?

Yes, I enjoy working with young people, they make interesting and compelling portraits. Most seniors are interested in session that includes things they enjoy doing and places they like to go. Additionally, l use some lighting techniques to produce high contrast portraits with colors that pop, like you see in magazines, CD sleeves and movie posters. If you want one wearing your cap and gown, please do not hesitate to bring them along. Do not worry, we will do some “mom shots” too!

Q: How many photos can I expect?

For a typical portrait session I usually deliver 15 – 30 images for you to choose from. Of course if we are shooting a large group or have a longer session, more images would probably be made.

Q: Do I get the negatives?

Since I shoot in digital, the files, (negatives), are either high or low resolution files. All images have had basic color & exposure corrections made. Both are available for purchase, on your choice of CD or DVD formats. Note: some portrait session packages include a copy of the low resolution files.

Q: What is the difference between low and high resolution?

Low resolution files are suitable for 4×6 copies, anything larger will not print clearly. High resolution files are the same files I use to create your finished portraits, as such, you can produce up to wall size prints.

Q: Why should I order from you?

All images selected for prints, canvas, albums and other items through me, have been not only color & exposure corrected but digitally enhanced with small imperfections and blemishes removed, (as needed), and cropped for artistic effect or use, (such as jewelry). This allows me to produce something a little extra special in your finished portraits. These choices are professionally printed and mounted (depending on size) on single or double matt board and quality paper to ensure an exceptional fine art print.

Q: What do I need to know before scheduling a session?

Please take into account possible restraints when considering a time. If your reason for a portrait is a one-time event, (such as prom), make sure you choose a time when any preparations will be completed (such as hair or nails), yet early enough not to intrude upon the event itself. If your session is for or includes children, please keep in mind nap-times, meals and bed-time. If your session is either for a group or is a location session, allow for traffic and drive time for everyone. Location sessions are usually scheduled for evening, so also allow for anyone coming after work.

Q: How do I schedule a portrait session?

I do both studio and location portraits by appointment only, so you can either call or e-mail me. I make every effort to schedule your session when it will be convenient for you. I have an information sheet, the questionnaire and the portrait agreement, which I would like to send you ahead of time. I require a small booking fee and your signature on the portrait agreement to secure your time, so please return them both as quickly as possible. The balance is due at the actual portrait session.

Q: When is the best time for a portrait session?

For beach portraits I like to start about one hour to one and one-half hours before sunset. Referred to by photographers as “the golden hour,” this is the time of day that the light has the best quality for portraiture. Of course this limits me to one portrait session per day but I think the results are worth it. However, for studio portraits the time of day isn’t nearly as important since natural lighting plays a much smaller role in the creation of studio images.

Q: What if I am a visitor to Eastern North Carolina?

If you know ahead of time when you will be visiting, please call or e-mail me with the dates, to avoid any conflicts or allow me time to resolve them. When scheduling a date a few weeks, or even months in advance, a small booking fee of $50 will insure the availability of your date. While I can not guarantee date availability, booking fees are not required for last minute scheduling. Even with little notice I will do my best to be available.

Q: How do I view my photos?

Once your photos have been color & exposure corrected and possibly custom cropped, you will be invited to an in-studio preview session or, for out-of-town clients, an online preview session. During this session you can view, select and purchase your portraits. Note: I offer a discount for purchases made during your preview. After the preview your photos will be placed online. There you, your family or friends can view and purchase at their leisure. To find your photos, go to the web site, rddeckerphotography.com, and click on the link entitled view proofs located at the entrance. If you are a visitor to the Crystal Coast, and the in-studio preview is not possible, I’m able to conduct a remote preview session via computer.

Q: Will you explain how a remote preview session works?

Using the same technologies corporations use for remote meetings and educators use to conduct online classes I’ll set-up a session that will allow you to see my desktop from your home computer. During the session we’ll use the telephone to talk about what I’m showing you. During this session we can discuss sizes and I can show you how certain sizes/crops will affect the appearence of you image. I can also show you some examples of how your images might be used on a story-board or in a photo book. During the preview session you’ll have the opportunity to order prints and products at a 20% discount.

Q: What type of payments do you accept?

I accept cash (in person), personal checks, money orders and cashier checks. I’m also able to take Master Card, Visa, Discover or American Express.

If you have any additional questions or I can help you in any way, just drop me an email, give me a call, or use the contact form at my website.

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